Horizons at St. Richard’s Episcopal School 

Horizons at St Richard’s is closing the achievement gap in Indianapolis by providing underserved children access to high-quality academics in an engaging program, that primarily takes place in the summer, tuition free. Summer learning loss is the largest contributing factor to the national achievement gap putting low-income students as much as three years behind by the fifth grade.  In contrast, Horizons students gain an average of two to three months reading and math skills during the six-week summer program. In addition to preventing summer learning loss, Horizons has two other goals; increasing water safety by teaching our children a life-saving skill through swim lessons at Butler University three times a week, and obesity prevention by teaching and modeling healthy habits.

2017 Horizons Giving Day

On May 17, Horizons will host Horizons Giving Day, which is an online giving campaign designed to raise awareness of Horizons and help fund Horizons programs nationwide! Last year Horizons Giving Day brought in over $20,000 for Horizons at St. Richard’s! For more information, visit our Giving Day event page here.

Why does Horizons matter?


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