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Horizons at St Richard’s is closing the achievement gap in Indianapolis by providing underserved children access to high-quality academics in an engaging summer program, tuition free. Summer learning loss is the largest contributing factor to the national achievement gap putting low-income students as much as three years behind by the fifth grade. In contrast, Horizons students gain an average of 2-3 months reading and math skills during the five-week summer program. In addition to preventing summer learning loss, Horizons has two other goals; increasing water safety by teaching our children a life-saving skill through swim lessons at Butler University three times a week, and obesity prevention by teaching and modeling healthy habits.

The Statisticks Lottery Video

Don’t Let Kids Get Caught Slipping on the Summer Slide

Here is an excellent video about Horizons and the efforts we make to help children retain and and increase their learning over the summer.

Don’t Let Kids Get Caught Slipping on Summer Slide

“When it comes to saving kids, this program is really working”  Mathew Tully, Indianapolis Star


In the first box under Make a Gift Online, go to the dropdown box labeled Purpose of Gift and selectHorizons.

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